How To - Diary Entries

From the Home Page you can create your new Diary Entry!

Here you can put down what you did to your hair on a given day, what style your hair is in, if that style is a protective style, what products you used, how long you will keep your hair this way, and finally if you have made any progress. 

To update the date of this diary entry simply tap the calendar icon.

You can add images to this post by clicking the camera icon. Your images will be uploaded and will be available for you to view anytime from any device! To view your images for this post, slide or tap the arrow at the very bottom. If you would like to remove an image press and hold and it will be deleted from this post.

To save your post, simply tap the check mark at the bottom of the page.


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The Hair Diary is now available on Google Play!!!

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Please have patience during this transition. The iOS version is currently in production.

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